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Heceta Beach, Florence Oregon at Driftwood Shores Resort and Conference Center

I love this beach because it has miles of soft sand perfect for walking. Amazing views of the Pacific Ocean. There is also a light house that is famous,

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Point O Woods

When you enter Point O' Woods Beach under the railroad bridge, PAUSE… and leave the world behind.

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Gulf Shores, Alabama

You will see the ocean better when you are on the beach if you close your eyes.

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Beach Coloring Pages

Free to print beach, palm tree, beach towel, dolphin and turtle pictures coloring pages

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Rehoboth Beach, Delaware - A Hidden Gem!

Rehoboth Beach is a small beach resort area on the coast of Delaware. Our family has been travelling here for years! There are beautiful oceanfront accommodations

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Pencaola, Florida

And it's during the sunset that time stands still on the southern coast. We know that the tides roll in and the tides roll out carrying our fears and worries

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Where Will You Find Me?

Where will you find me? You will find me at the beach- Romping through the waves Giggling as the sand and water tickles my toes Searching for seashells

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Wildwood Crest NJ 08260

My family spent most of our summers down the shore. I was going through some personal issues and I knew the place that I would find a true sense of peace

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The Beach.

The beach is so bright and full of life, but yet I fall asleep in my chair and when I wake up I have darkened.

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My Shell

Why do I love this particular shell? Because it is beautiful. And it has its own story to tell. Where did it come from? Where has it traveled to be

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My stress free place - Boracay Island Philippines

First proud to be a Filipino because Boracay Island is found in the Philippines. Top 2 best beaches in the world according to It has a

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Beach Coloring Contest is Live on Facebook

Check out this beach coloring page contest to win friends and influence beach bums everywhere.Sorry, page no longer available

My Home.

Ever since I was a little girl I've had a special connection with water. I can find out what the direction the ocean is in just by closing my eyes and

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Sunken Meadow Beach, Long Island

Sunken Meadow Beach is located in the town of Smithtown in Suffolk County, NY. I have been there many times. It's easy to get to - it's at the end of

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More Beach Poem and Quote Submissions

More beach poem and beach quote submissions for beach wedding invitations, beach scrapbooking, and ocean themes from

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North Myrtle Beach, SC.

Seeing a family having the time of their lives celebrating some of the simple joys of life fills me with joy and inspiration. There is so much more to

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Is the beach really actually therapy?

I am writing this post in response to a personal question sent to me by one of my website visitors. Eric asked if I thought a beach vacation could actually help you "find" yourself or even relieve mild depression.

My answer to him was that I think that a vacation in general can help you find yourself again. It is a break from the normal routines and a chance to explore the world outside your everyday scope.

I believe for some people that place away that helps them mentally regroup may be the mountains or a lake or a cabin in the woods. For me that place is the beach. I have enjoyed other vacations in my life and am certainly not above taking my children to an amusement park (on the way to the beach of course). However, in the end all that fun is not the same as the complete and total peace I can achieve walking down a beach and listening the sounds of the surf.

There is some scientific evidence as well that the salty sea air has health benefits as well. I suffer from seasonal allergies most of the year, but at the beach the salty air helps me breath easier. I think I will talk more about the actual health benefits in another post but wanted to add this aside.

I would also like to point out that heading out for a vacation is not a substitute for seeking professional help if you are suffering from serious depression. I think it helps with a normal funk but a chronic issue may need medical intervention. I am not a professional therapist but do have some counseling background and would be remiss if I did not address as well.

I have some other thoughts on how to make a vacation a renewing experience and will share those in my next few posts. Thank you Eric for helping me get a little Beach-Therapy today.

If you have a beach story to share with us please use the link below to contribute to the conversation


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Jones Beach Wedding

Enjoy your wedding da

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Monique and Tony Jacksonville Beach Wedding Blue and White

Have fun and make sure your guests color coordinate it is great for photo

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Beach Wedding - Shoes Optional - Sign

This simple sign adds a fun touch for guests as they approach a beach wedding. If the bride and groom are going barefoot for the ceremony it is only fair

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My religion

The clouds above dance in unison with the tides and together is where dreams are created and washed ashore waiting to be discovered.............As a child

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Beach Cam Directory

A directory and review of free beach cams. Directory and reviews of beach cam locations throughout the world. Live beach pictures and the sounds of the ocean anytime of day or night.

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Cabo San Lucas, California Baja Sur - MEXICO

My sister in law and I just got back from a one week ALL INCLUSIVE trip to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. I have been to many places around the world and must

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Sullivans Island South Carolina

Charleston area beach vacation information for Sullivans Island South Carolina. Which area beach is best for your Charleston beach vacation?

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Folly Beach South Carolina

Folly Beach South Carolina is the closest beach to downtown Charleston but is it the one you should spend your time on? Charleston area beach reviews and more.

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Charleston Vacation Planning Guide for Beach Lovers

Charleston Vacation planning guide for visitors who want to enjoy the South Carolina beaches nearby. Downtown Charleston information.

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Family Beach Vacation South Carolina

It's never too early to plan a family beach vacation. I love seeing beach babies walking in the sand. They always crunch their toes and giggle at the waves. Reviews of Kiawah Island, South Carolina coming soon.

Flickr Photo by Devonaire Eye.

Happy New Year Beach Wedding

After a wedding at Playa Del Carmen Beach in Mexico. Just made me smile so I thought I would share so everyone can start the new year out with a little beach-therapy.

Flickr Photo by Mananetwork.

Horseshoe Bay, Bermuda

Horseshoe Bay in Southampton Bermuda has sentimental value to me. I grew up only minutes from this beach and spent many hours as a child swimming in its

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Beach Wedding Photo Idea

A fun beach wedding photo idea from Caitlinator Flickr photos. The same idea would work on a pretty conch shell just as well if it is hard to find a large

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Victoria Bay, South Africa

I haven't been there in a long time, but this beach was very special and it doesn't look like it's changed much from a Google Earth view. It was actually

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The Wilderness, South Africa

This is a long curving beach located along the Garden Route near George, South Africa. There are rocky cliffs at one end and then a long stretch of dunes

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John U. Lloyd State Park, Dania Beach Florida

John U. Lloyd State Park in the Dania Beach Florida area is a family beach vacation paradise but there are some tips you need to fully enjoy the experience. Full review with beach pictures.

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Family Beach Vacations in South East Florida

Family beach vacations are a necessity in my family and south east florida offers a great domestic alternative to expensive and sometimes complicated international travel. Beach reviews with pictures.

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Grandmother’s Cove on San Juan Island

Grandmother’s Cove on San Juan Island, Washington state, is my favorite beach! It’s the quintessential beach for all the right reasons -- lovely clean

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Aruba Beaches - Reviews of the beaches of Aruba

Are the Aruba Beaches worth the time and effort? A comprehensive review of the beaches of Aruba with pictures and video so you can judge for yourself.

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Ft Lauderdale Beach, Florida

Ft Lauderdale Beach review with details of the best places to enjoy a beach vacation.

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My husband and I went to the Riu in Ocho Rios for our 15th wedding anniversary. That was the most beautiful resort, beach and atmosphere. The staff were

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Jacksonville Beach, Florida

With all of the popular beaches in Florida, Jacksonville Beach sometimes gets lost in the hype. I have enjoyed the first coasts beautiful beaches for

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My beach boat fantasy

This boat is just waiting to take me away today.
Thanks to Allan Henderson (Flickr photo)for this little bit of beach therapy today.

Santa Rosa Sound, Okaloosa Island, Navarre Beach, and Fort Pickens

Beach reviews for Santa Rosa Sound and the Gulf Islands National Seashore - Navarre Beach, Okaloosa Island, and Fort Pickens

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Is Travel to Cozumel Safe?

In light of recent avian flu outbreaks in Mexico, several people have asked me about travel to Mexico's beaches, especially one of my favorites, Cozumel beaches. The official word from the CDC is that travel to Mexico is now as safe as staying home will be, but flu precautions are still recommended everywhere. Ironically, Cozumel is a small island isolated off the coast of Mexico and never reported any flu cases and is likely safer to visit than your local mall.

That being said, you should always check the CDC website for travel advisories before traveling out of the country.

In the end, if you are uncomfortable with taking a risk, however small, find another beautiful location to enjoy some Beach Therapy. Deerfield Beach Florida or Oskaloosa Island on the Emerald Coast are favorite domestic destinations for me.

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Port Crescent Beach in Port Austin Michigan

The Beach in the Port Crescent State park between Caseville and Port Austin Michigan is one of my favorites. With few visitors it has the feel of a

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Eagle Beach Aruba

Eagle Beach Aruba was recently named one of the top ten beaches in the world! See pictures and video to decide for yourself. Other Aruba beaches also featured for your beach therapy fun!

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Best Beach Towel

These huge waffle weave bath sheets are the best beach towel I have ever found. The blanket size is perfect for a day in the sun.

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Eagle Beach Aruba -

Sure do wish we were here!
Thanks to ericfranklin (Flickr photo)for this little bit of beach therapy today.

Beach Wedding Photo Gallery

Beach wedding photo gallery to enjoy and to help with beach wedding planning.

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Beach Wedding Planning

Beach wedding planning can be fun, if you keep it simple. 5 simple steps to planning with tips from a professional beach wedding company.

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Navarre Beach, Florida

March 24, 2009 Just a little update. The National Seashore road (399) between Pensacola Beach and Navarre Beach is now open. It is a beautiful drive

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