My Home.

by Lexie
(The ocean)

Ever since I was a little girl I've had a special connection with water. I can find out what the direction the ocean is in just by closing my eyes and breathing. I know when the best waves are coming and when I'm in the water we become one. My mom calls me her little mermaid and when I was little I was convinced that I was one. For me there are no words to describe the ocean except for home. If I could I would never come out of the water. To me the beach isn't just water and sand, its magic. It has special powers that few know about. For some reason God picked me to be one of them and I may never know why but I plan on embracing it in every way possible. Salt water runs in my veins, I'm meant for the water and I'm never going to forget that.
- Lexie


When I touch the water I become part of it, I move with the waves and sing its beautiful song.

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