Why Beach-Therapy.com?

The beach is in my blood! Seriously, for a bunch of people who live really far from any beach, my family really loves to visit them. Our love of the ocean is a gift from my mother. Every summer growing up we went to the beach for at least a week. This was time for us to play together and relax together as a family, and it was not optional! Regardless of the state of family finances this was our special time to escape real life and just have fun.

My hubby learned quickly that I expected this tradition to continue in our family life and that if I didn’t have some “beach therapy” to look forward to at least once a year, he just really didn’t want to try and live with me.

My website was born after we moved to the heartland for his job. He is a Midwestern boy and couldn’t be more pleased, I however was appalled to realize it is not physically possible to drive to any beach on any coast in one day if you live in Iowa. (Yes, the great lakes are within a day, as well as several other lakes, but these did not turn out to be very satisfying alternatives for me). I needed a way to incorporate my love of the beach into a job. Why? To maintain my sanity for one and so that all those lovely beach trips could become business trips of course.

I discovered an amazing little company that has allowed me to do just that and I still can’t believe it! I am blessed to be able to write about something I love so passionately and to do it as a business. I hope you find the information you need here on Beach-Therapy.com to plan your next great beach adventure.

Thanks for visiting!

Amy Dykens
Your Official Beach Therapist

Amy Dykens - Beach-Theapy.com

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