The Top Beaches of the World are Good for Your Health!

How can the top beaches of the world be therapeutic? What is beach therapy all about?

Close your eyes for a few seconds and think about the beaches you've visited. Don't you feel better already? A little time spent on the top beaches of the world can go a long way to improving your mental and physical health.

I need my beach therapy and so do you!

I've compiled pictures, video and reviews of beautiful beaches.

Spend time just dreaming or get down to business and start planning your next beach vacation. Do it for your health!

My extended family, friends, and I have traveled to some of the top beaches of the world. Together, we present unique reviews that focus on the beaches themselves. Are they rocky or sandy? What is the water like? Is the gorgeous beach in the pictures really only 20 yards long?

Accommodations are mentioned when they contribute significantly to the environment; restaurants are recommended when superior; but the focus is on the sand, the water, and the atmosphere of each coastal location.

For those of you who are really ocean starved, you will also find links to great web cams and ideas for decorating with tropical decor.

I sincerely hope you can get a little therapy while visiting my site...just enough to tide you over to your next beach vacation. This video of caribbean beaches with ocean sounds is a great place to start:

Beach Therapy Blog
Updates to with pictures, videos, and reviews of beaches around the world. Beach cam directory and updates on the best beach destinations.
Beach Cam Directory
A directory and review of free beach cams. Directory and reviews of beach cam locations throughout the world. Live beach pictures and the sounds of the ocean anytime of day or night.
Beach Quotes
Beach sayings for invitations, scrapbooks, and pure enjoyment.
Beach Coloring Pages
Free to print beach, palm tree, beach towel, dolphin and turtle pictures coloring pages
Beach Decor
Ideas to incorporate beach decor into your home. A simple color palette inspired by the colors of the ocean and the beach set the stage for a relaxed bungalow feel. Decorating in beach style.
Beach Wedding Planning
Beach wedding planning can be fun, if you keep it simple. 5 simple steps to planning with tips from a professional beach wedding company.
Beach Wedding Photo Gallery
Beach wedding photo gallery to enjoy and to help with beach wedding planning.
Share Your Own Beach Reviews
Share your own beach reviews with other beach lovers. Help with beach vacation planning and read reviews written by other visitors.
Aruba Beaches - Reviews of the beaches of Aruba
Are the Aruba Beaches worth the time and effort? A comprehensive review of the beaches of Aruba with pictures and video so you can judge for yourself.
Palm Beach Aruba
Palm Beach Aruba is the most popular spot on the island of Aruba. Pictures and video of aruba's premier beaches. Are they worth the extra money?
Cozumel Beaches
Is Cozumel only for the divers? What about the Cozumel Beaches? Beach clubs, resorts, and the
Cabo San Lucus Beaches
Pictures, video, and reviews of the Cabo San Lucus Beaches to help you decide what to see and what to do.
Family Beach Vacations in South East Florida
Family beach vacations are a necessity in my family and south east florida offers a great domestic alternative to expensive and sometimes complicated international travel. Beach reviews with pictures.
South Beach, Miami, Florida
You know south beach is the place to be seen, but what is the beach there really like? Pictures, video, and reviews, including nightlife and dinning in the South Beach area.
Southeast Florida Beaches
Thinking about a visit to the Southeast Florida Beaches? Read reviews with pictures and video of the best beaches in Southeast Florida.
Deerfield Beach Florida
Pictures and video of the beaches of Deerfield Beach Florida.
Florida Keys Beaches
What are the Florida Keys Beaches like? There are a lot of good reasons to visit the Florida Keys, but the beaches aren’t one of them.
Florida's Gulf Coast Beaches
Pictures and reviews of Florida's Gulf Coast Beaches covering the stunning "Emerald Coast"
Destin Beaches
Do the Destin Beaches live up to the hype? The overwhelming answer is yes, but at what price? The beach is wide and sugar white but there is not an inch of beachfront not developed.
Santa Rosa Sound, Okaloosa Island, Navarre Beach, and Fort Pickens
Beach reviews for Santa Rosa Sound and the Gulf Islands National Seashore - Navarre Beach, Okaloosa Island, and Fort Pickens
Charleston Vacation Planning Guide for Beach Lovers
Charleston Vacation planning guide for visitors who want to enjoy the South Carolina beaches nearby. Downtown Charleston information.
Sullivans Island South Carolina
Charleston area beach vacation information for Sullivans Island South Carolina. Which area beach is best for your Charleston beach vacation?
Beaches along the Promenade des Anglais in Nice, France
Review of beaches along the Promenade des Anglais in Nice, France
Beach Boys Kokomo
The Beach Boys Kokomo song lyrics and video. Collection of beach music and lyrics.
Eco-Friendly Bamboo Gifts
Bamboo gifts are an excellent way to reduce your footprint on the earth as well as the footprint of the receiver. Why Bamboo? Read more here.
Candy Wrapper Purses
The candy wrapper purses sold in beach communities of Mexico are made from recycled candy wrappers. These cute and trendy purses also support tree plantings in rainforests.
Best Beach Towel
These huge waffle weave bath sheets are the best beach towel I have ever found. The blanket size is perfect for a day in the sun.
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