Florida's Gulf Coast Beaches

Florida's Gulf Coast beaches, also known as the Emerald Coast, are the playgrounds of my youth. Every summer, for richer, for poorer, my parents packed the car with food, gear, and four kids. We headed to Destin, Florida for the most part and this is where my intense love for the beach was born. In the years between I have been lucky enough to visit several caribbean islands, but the sugar white expanses of sand found on Florida's gulf coast beaches are, thus far, unmatched.

In an unfortunate twist of human nature, we often discount the sites and attractions closest to home. After spending summer after summer on the Emerald Coast, I was convinced the I would be happier on beaches in more exotic locals. Not true, so not true! The water is more blue, perhaps a tad more crystal clear in the caribbean, but in the trade-off you lose the beauty and seclusion provided by the dunes along the Gulf Islands National Seashore and the huge expanses of actual beach. I have been disappointed on more than one occasion by what can be considered a "beach" by some resorts. Once you have been spoiled by the powder white miles of sand, coupled with the gentle surf, and clear green waters of Florida's Gulf Coast Beaches, you will think twice about spending the extra money, time, and hastle to visit a beach in a "more exotic" location.

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