Aruba Beaches

Aruba beaches are the pride of the island but are they all they are cracked up to be? The beaches are beautiful with wide open sandy spaces and clear aqua water and you can certainly get some great beach-therapy on the Aruba beaches.

Aruba Beaches Starfish

Starfish we found in the water - returned to the ocean unharmed.

I will review the beaches of Aruba individually but overall it was a good trip if a bit unusual for me to visit a desert island to go to the beach. The beauty of tropical islands holds some allure for me, regardless of the threat of tropical storms and hurricanes that they present. Aruba is a desert so it does not require the purchase of hurricane insurance, even in the height of the season. This also means it is an island of dirt and cacti, not lush forests and waterfalls. But if you are going to the beach you will not be disappointed and you will not need to worry about rain or tropical storms.

The people of Aruba were always friendly and helpful. A quality not always found in the underpaid and over-worked employees of some beach destinations. The influence of American culture are evident everywhere. From the over-abundance of Wendy’s and Subway restaurants, to the fluent English spoken by just about everyone. If you have reservations about visiting another country, this may be a good place for you, as it will involve very little culture shock, but just enough to get a feel for something different.

Tip: Aruba does have it’s own currency, the Floren, but every place we went accepted American dollars and most even gave change in American dollars. The exchange rate fluctuates slightly, but most prices posted in Florens can be converted to an approximate dollar value by cutting the cost in half and rounding up.

The Aruba beaches we visited have all been photographed for you to see for yourself. The beaches of Aruba will not diappoint you, but the overall experience is different from some other island destinations so read carefully and decide for yourself what you are looking for in an island getaway.

Eagle Beach Aruba

Baby Beach Aruba

Palm Beach Aruba

Dos Playa Beach

Marriott Aruba's Private Island

Family Beach Photo

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