Horseshoe Bay, Bermuda

by Carla

Horeshoe Beach at dawn

Horeshoe Beach at dawn

Horseshoe Bay in Southampton Bermuda has sentimental value to me. I grew up only minutes from this beach and spent many hours as a child swimming in its waters and playing in the sand. My mother, who is 71 years old, swims here every morning at dawn with a group of her friends, after they take a brisk walk along the shore. It's a curious sight to see - these "more mature" ladies in the bathing suits and caps (from the fifties it seems) chatting away as they rub the coarse pink sand over their bodies and wade in the waters. Now that I'm older and a mother, I take my four-year-old son to this beach, sometimes in the morning to see Nana Ju (my mom).

The beach has changed over the years because of hurricane damage, particularly Hurricane Fabian in 2007 and just recently Hurricane Igor this past summer, but it still is one of the most beautiful beaches I've ever seen. I feel blessed and privileged that it is literally in my back yard!

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