San Francisco Beach Cozumel

San Francisco Beach Cozumel, Mexico is actually one of several Cozumel beach clubs on a three mile long stretch soft sand and clear blue water. The oldest and best known of these beach clubs is San Francisco Beach Cozumel and it is often used to refer to all of the beaches and clubs on this heavenly stretch of sand. Cozumel is a diver’s paradise because of the numerous coral reefs that surround the island. The result is that almost every piece of coastline is rocky to some degree or another. The beaches along what we are referring to as San Francisco Beach are sandy and soft…until you enter the water. You will want water shoes to protect your feet from rocky areas in the water. Some areas are rockier than others and all of the beaches listed below are better than any others on the developed side of the island and none of them are “ironshore”. The only exception to the rocky rule is the beach area directly in front of the Allegro, Nachi-Cocom, and Palancar Beaches.

We stayed at the Allegro for this reason and were not disappointed.

Beaches included in what is generally referred to as San Francisco Beach Cozumel:

Palm Beach Club

San Francisco Beach Club

Paradise Beach Club

Playa Mia Beach Club (formally known as Playa Sol Beach Club)

Mr. Sanchos Beach Club

Palancar Beach Club-Basically smooth sandy bottom – few rocky areas

Nachi-Cocom Beach Club - Smooth sandy bottom

Allegro Resort – Smooth sandy bottom

Occidental Grand – Basically smooth sandy bottom – few rocky areas

Reef Club Cozumel – Very Rocky in the water

Iberostar Cozumel – Fairly Rocky in the water

The only negatives to the beaches in this area for us were that there is absolutely nothing to see in the water and my hubby likes to snorkel and depending on where you are on the beach (which club, etc) it may get crowded, especially when a cruise ship is in port. Don’t believe anyone who tells you it is good snorkeling off of any part of this beach. You may see an occasional fish, eel, or skate but they will be few and far between. For good snorkeling from shore try Dzul Ha and Corona Beach Clubs or plan to book a snorkel trip by boat.

Nachi-Cocom Beach at Sunrise

Nichi-Cocom Beach

Nichi-Cocom Water

Family Beach Photo

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