Beach Colors

How do I know what colors to use?

When trying to create a beach feel in a room a great trick is to look at pictures of beaches you love to get your inspiration. Not only is this therapeutic, but it will guide you in your choices of color.

The beach color pallet involves many shades of brown, blue, and green in muted tones. Your choice of accent colors will be influenced by the beaches you love. I lean toward bright accents in the tropical tradition while an Atlantic coast look will involve some richer red or burgundy accents. Again, take your cues from the places you are imitating.

Blue – think of the aqua blues and greens of the water and the bright blue of the sky

Green - think of the blue/green of the water but don’t forget the green of sea grass, beach umbrellas, and Kelly green canvas

Gulf of Mexico Beach

Brown – Some beaches have sand that is off-white to brown, driftwood, boats, and sea oats.

Grey – driftwood, weathered buildings, stormy skies

Tropical Storm Approaching

White – the clean white of quartz sand, fluffy clouds, and the freshly painted accent wood on most beach buildings.

Family Beach Photo

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